School Website: www.yukselenkoleji.k12.tr

Contact Person: Aslı SARI



      Yükselen College was founded in 2002 as a primary school in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. Our school has got kindergarden, primary, secondary and science high school. It has been growing in the last few years, with student numbers increasing from 35 in 2002 to 2000 in 2019. The school provides a general education aimed at promoting the pupils' all-round development with reference to the abilities which they have at that age and the demands which life puts on them. Specifically, it helps pupils to widen the scope of their values, to supplement and combine the acquisition of knowledge with the corresponding social problems, to cultivate their powers of verbal expression, to achieve normal physical development, to familiarise themselves with the various forms of art, to develop aesthetic judgment, and to become aware of their abilities and skills, inclinations and interests. Yükselen College has always been ready to promote training opportunities for staff and students, both on a local and on international level. The school has carried out different projects on ICT such as World Robot Olympics , Hackidhon and Microfoft. Also our school has been carrying out eTwinning projects as national and internatiol related to foreign languages, values education, maths and ICT. To promote language learning, every year the school organises preparation courses for the most common international certifications such as PET and FCE for English. In addition, our school won different awards in twelve categories in 2012-2013 educational year at INGED that is drama festival among schools. Values Education Programme has been implemented in our school. As a project coordinator, our aim is that to be more professional under Erasmus+ Programme.